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I have an event coming up - will you post information about it?

We love to share upcoming events with the public and other Wilds Cooperative members.  We share events being held by Juried Artisans and Host Sites through posts in our Events Forum page. If you have an upcoming event please log in and head over to the Events Forum to post details of the event.  

What steps are involved in the application process?

We've created an infographic to help illustrate the process when applying as a Juried Artisan.  You can view it here

How much does membership cost? How often do I pay?

We have several different membership levels with associated fees.  You can view the full list of Membership types and fees here. All membership fees are collected on an annual basis, with your due date dependent on your date of acceptance into the program. 

I have new information for my profile, who do I send it to?

No one! That's right - if you have new images, new information about your work, an updated mailing address, or any other information about yourself and your work, you may update the information yourself in your profile.  Directions for updating your profile can be found here.  

What is the difference between Basic and Professional level memberships?

Juried Artisans are the talented makers at the heart of the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. The two categories of Juried Artisans are Basic Membership and Professional Artisan.

Basic Members are those who are admitted with a jury score between 100-300 - OR - those with a higher jury score who elect to enroll at this level. Professional Artisans are those who are admitted with a jury score above 301. The jury score is based on the criteria, including artistic merit, marketability and design, and material sourcing. You can read more about member benefits and decision criteria in our member guidelines here.

All artisans with paid membership for the 1516 member year will be able to view their jury score in their profile by the beginning of November 2016. They will renew for the 1617 member year at their appropriate member level.  Artisans that were not current with membership dues for 1516 will be required to be re-juried into the program in Spring of 2017. Artisans can contact the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania support staff at wildscopa at pawildscenter.org to arrange a time to discuss their score and jury feedback.

Why did you change member types?

Since we started the re-branding process in 2015 there have been quite a few changes in the program- the largest and the most obvious was the decision to change the name from the PA Wilds Artisan Trail to The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. The change in the program name is reflective of the positive change and growth opportunities that The Cooperative provides for its members. Looking at these opportunities it became clear that there are different types of members.  There are some artisans that have made their craft their full time job and are growing the possibilities of their business into different markets, including wholesale venues. There are other artisans that work on their craft as a hobby or in their spare time and are not interested in selling on a larger scale. There other artisans that might be in the earlier stages of honing their craft and they haven't quite yet reached a level  in their business to grow it on a large scale (but are on their way).  We love that there are different types of members and we want to do our best to develop and promote all of our members - regardless of their member level.  But with that in mind, different types of motivation in your work require different types of support.  As a program we felt that we could better our members if we could focus on the different types of needs.  We know that whether you are a Basic or Professional level you need access to digital marketing tools, promotion from our team via social media platforms, networking with other members of The Wilds Cooperative and access to professional development - and both levels receive all of those benefits (and a little more- compare the full list here).   For the additional member cost Professional level members receive added support that is geared toward wholesale opportunities, which includes hang tags, a listing in the annual Buyers Guide and the eligibility to be considered as a vendor in the PA Wilds Conservation Shops. 

Will I always be categorized at my current membership level?

No.  These are the factors that can change your categorization:

1. If you receive a score that qualifies you for the Basic level (100-300) and you have the desire to grow your business and work to the Professional level you can arrange for a meeting to review the jury comments and as early as the next jury review session you can re-submit your work for review.   

2. If you receive a score that qualifies you for Professional level (301+) but you feel that your business approach is a better fit at the Basic level you may elect to join/renew at the Basic level. 

3. If you become past due in your membership and have lapsed in the program you will be re-juried  before returning to the program and your member level will be determined on that score and not your original score. 

4. On a rotating basis our jury will review long standing members, the new score could reflect a change in your member level. 

Why did my membership fee increase from $25 to $105?

For the member year 1617 and going forward membership types for Artisans (visual, craft and food) have been designated into two membership levels, Basic and Professional.  Basic memberships are $25 per year and Professional memberships cost $105.  If your annual membership fee increased that indicates that your jury score qualifies you for a Professional membership.  
Both levels of membership include access to digital branding assets, listing in the artisan directory, access to event promotion on pawildsartisans.com and presence on digital/print materials and social media. 

The main difference between the two member types is that only Professional members are eligible for the following:
be considered as vendor in the PA Wilds Conservation Shops, receive hang tags and a listing in the annual Buyers Guide.   

You can check out the full list of member benefits here

If I don't renew can I still sell my work in a PA Wilds Conservation Shop?

No. Only Professional level members of the PA Wilds Cooperative are eligible to submit their work for consideration to be sold in the PA Wilds Conservation Shop.  If a member of the Wilds Cooperative leaves the program they will be asked to go through the jury process to be accepted back into the membership and once accepted they will once again be eligible to submit their work for consideration in a PA Wilds Conservation Shop. 

You can read more about the PA Wilds Conservation Shops and vendor eligibility here.

If I scored above 301 do I have to join/renew as a Professional Level Artisan?

Members with a score of 301 or higher can elect to join at either the Professional OR Basic level.  You can view the difference in membership benefits here

I lost or don't have a password and I can't log in.

Enter your email address and select "Forgot password" during log in.  Check your email inbox and spam folder for an email with directions for logging in.  If you do not receive an email within 15 minutes contact us and we will check your account for a valid email address. 

I'm not receiving emails from the Wilds Cooperative

We send a lot of relevant communications to our membership (like invoicing and opportunities) via the email address wildscopa at pawildscenter.org, so please white list us (this will keep us out of your spam folder). We've written instructions  on how to do this here

Do I owe money?

Once logged in you'll see a tab in your profile that details any open invoices.  This area will also show payments that have been received by the Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania Staff after July 2015 (account history is not available online for payments made prior to July 2015).  If you have an open invoice, you can pay instantly by credit card or you can pay by check, mailing your payment to The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania, 237 Main St., Ridgway, PA 15853.

Billing inquiries? Member Support? Contact our Admin  Partner:
Elk County Council on the Arts
237 Main  St.  Ridgway.  PA 15853  | 814-772-7051 | wildscopa@pawildscenter.org
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