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(includes visual, food and craft)


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Welcome to The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania! 

Some of the most inspiring, dedicated and creative entrepreneurs I know are part of the The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania. They are makers of not only products, but also experiences and place. They create art, produce amazing food or carry on the handmade traditions of crafts. They operate galleries and theaters, cafes and gift shops, craft wineries and distilleries, rustic lodges and brew houses. Their operations vary widely but each reflects things our brand stands for: attention to detail, craftsmanship, an appreciation for our region’s natural landscape and rural traditions. These small business owners are passionate, hardworking and through their actions inspire community pride. They appreciate sharing what they’ve built with visitors and residents and are ambassadors for our region. They are helping define the Pennsylvania Wilds’ sense of place.

You have just joined this network. Welcome! I look forward to getting to know more about your business and helping you find the resources to grow it.

The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania works best for businesses that make it work for them. So we’ve pulled together some digital resources to help you get started. More branding and promotional items are in the works, and we will notify our membership as they become available. Please don’t be shy about making suggestions about tools you’d like to see us develop or reaching out with questions. The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania is a young program and we invite your input and elbow grease on how to keep making it stronger. Here are a few updates as you get started:

  • If you have a question: The Wilds Cooperative pf Pennsylvania is a program of the Pennsylvania Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc., a regional non-profit, run by Executive Director Ta Bran Enos. Elk County Council on the Arts (ECCOTA), manages the day-to-day operations of the program. They are your go-to place for questions about program products and services, billing, meet-ups, jury sessions, etc. You can find them at: wildscopa at pawildscenter.org  or 814-772-7051, Monday – Friday 11am -5pm.
  • Connect with us! You have been signed up for our program e-newsletter, which comes out weekly and is sent to your email (please make sure we stay out of your spam box by white listing our email address, learn how to do that here).   Please connect with us through facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram and pinterest.  Also feel free to use the #pawildsmade to share your various experiences across the PA Wilds.  And don't forget to post your upcoming events in our Events Forum, it's an easy way to promote your event within the membership and allows our staff to push it out through social media channels. 

  • Connecting retailers to unique artisan product lines: In early spring we publish our annual Buyers Guide, an industry e-catalog that will make it easier for business owners and local artisans to connect.  You can download a copy from your dedicated branding page and you can always explore artisans in our Member Directory

  • Tying your business into the Pennsylvania Wilds brand:  On this page you will find various digital resources that will make integrating The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania logo into your marketing materials quick and easy.  We are also developing printed branded assets that should be available this summer.  Watch the newsletter for details!

Wishing you nothing but continued success,

Abbi Peters
Managing Director

Have you started using the logo? Share with us and help to inspire other members.  We''d love to see examples of how members are using the logo - you can share photos in our Professional Forum here








Are you interested in using the PA Wilds logo for sale-able applications or in your marketing materials? Learn more by visiting the PA Wilds Center website here.



What is a ZIP file? (link) - what it is, how to open, edit, and convert the contents.

Summary: A zipped file is a collection of files compressed into one folder so it can be easily shared and downloaded. Most computers automatically decompress these files upon download once they're double clicked to open the folder. You can drag the internal folders and files to your computer to save them for your own use.

What is the difference between JPEG and PNG? (link) - this link explains the difference between two of the file types provided in the zipped folder.
What is a PDF? - PDF files are vector images that can contain text or images that don't rely on a particular operating system or program to open, so they look the same no matter where they're opened.
Summary: Vector files (PDF, AI) are made of lines that can be scaled to any size. If you want to use the logo in a very large format, like a poster, choose PDF. AI can only be opened in Adobe Illustrator. Raster files (JPEG, PNG) are made of pixels. These are typically best for use on websites and social media. They provide very sharp clean images but the quality can degrade over time with repeated saving and editing.

Why can't I see the white PNG logo? - That's the funny thing with a white image on a white background. You can't see it! Because the PNG format allows for a transparent background you can use these white logo files on a colored or patterned background. Please refer to the Brand Guidelines before trying anything too crazy!

What is the MACOSX folder? - I'll spare you techy jargon... Basically, when a folder is compressed (zipped) on a Mac computer that file is created as an "origin" folder, which is fairly unnecessary. You can ignore it or delete it if you don't like the clutter.

Still lost? - I get it. There's a lot of stuff in that folder. Here's my suggestion: Open the raster folder, open full color folder, take a look at each of the logos and save the ones you want in a folder that makes sense to you. Rename them if you want to organize them in your own way. Do the same for the white logos and the Vector logos if you'll use those. Still having trouble? Email the Wilds Cooperative administrative support team at wildscopa at pawildscenter.org. We can help!

Billing inquiries? Member Support? Contact our Admin  Partner:
Elk County Council on the Arts
237 Main  St.  Ridgway.  PA 15853  | 814-772-7051 | wildscopa@pawildscenter.org
The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania
is a program of the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship,
a regional 
non-profit. Learn more at pawildscenter.org

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