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In the Pennsylvania Wilds, we value authenticity – the company of unpretentious people, the enduring quality of nature, and the timeless appeal of handmade goods. Our towns and villages attract creative entrepreneurs who appreciate our values and contribute to our regional identity by creating beautiful and functional items and experiences you won't find anywhere else.

This site is designed to help you find these products, services and experiences. Whether you are a tourist on the hunt for a gallery, a developer angling to incorporate antler door handles and carved benches into your next project or a retailer looking for unique jewelry and scarves for your shop – we bring together the artisans and the galleries, gift shops and other places where they sell their arts to elevate the experience for you.


This guide connects the makers of quality crafted PA Wilds made products with the dedicated retailers who see the value in sourcing locally.


Retailers: We’ve compiled our Professional Level artisans in visual arts, food, and craft in one spot to make it easier for you to select quality PA Wilds products to stock your shelves and line the walls in your shops. This guide is organized by medium, so you can focus on the types of products that fit your retail space and your market.

Artisans and Producers: This is a chance to research the fine Trading Posts in the PA Wilds that are already selling Artisan goods. This guide will help you to see which establishments might be a good fit for your product and lays out some basic contact information so that you can contact the retailer and learn more about their process for accepting new work and products.

Both Retailers & Producers: Don’t forget to check out the Creative Service Partners section for contact info for those in the creative industries that might be able to help you execute a future project or help fill a business need.

The Buyer's Guide is a FREE download. However you will walk through the checkout process. You will be asked  to supply a valid email address (that's how you will receive your download) and additional contact information.   

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